Monday, May 18, 2009

My Awesome dance

On  Saturday me and my Sunday school had an event called Tamaki's got talent other event was a ball.It was at a Church's hall the church name is the P.I.P.C. and it is for Pacific people. Why we did it was because it was the church's 19th anniversary it was so awesome. It had started at 6.00 clock and finished
at 10.00 clock .I really loved dancing with my Sunday school because I herd lots of people cheering and I just was amazed. My highlight was being able to perform to loads of people. The ball was so cool because we all made a very long line and walked around the hall I felt so sorry for most of the old people because they were getting bumped in to.As you see on one of the photos we have a prize and you will never guest what had happened we had won first prize I loved the prize because we each chose something out of the basket.It was not fair when the ball prize got presented because we did not get to have a prize if you were 10 to 12. After everything had finished we had A nice big feed that made me really full. Then we all tided up and all went home.            

Friday, May 8, 2009

Term 2

At the start of a term  we always have a new topic our new topic this term is based on dinosaurs our topic is not really called dinosaur it is called Dino-might I thought that the name of the topic was really weird.We also have a act from each of the teams team one is 5 year old kids up to 6 team two is 7 years old to 8 years old team three is 9 up to 10 team four is 10 up to 11.I really liked team2 because they had a hip hop dance about dinosaurs it made me just want to get up and dance. Our principle was dressed up as a cave man and he was so funny because he got people from the crowd and just two and put them down on the in the front of the floor  so every body could see them they were not adults they were year six children. My hight light was watching all the teachers perform to us because some of their act were so funny. Our year six item was about our teachers going in the future when dinosaurs were alive it was a movie that showed a clear picture what the dinosaurs looked like in the time they were alive.  

                                                           The end