Tuesday, July 12, 2011

But still we lost with a big heart

One of the sports New Zealand is known for is rugby. Our rugby boys were East Auckland champs so because of that we had to move on to the Auckland Tournament. We were all confident at trying our best.

We arrived a bit late, seeing all the other schools and their boys. They looked massive and I couldn't resist looking at them. I bet they thought I had an eye problem. So there were two pools a and b and we got put in the b pool. The teams that we were against was Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate and finlayson Intermediate.

It was kick off time My position was lock, nerves were building. Luckily the ball went to the opposite way from were I was standing. Forming a ruck is quit a hard thing to do Its like building a bridge over who’s ever on the ground. Sadly we lost that game, and we came third over all.

We were one of the smallest teams there but we still stayed humble.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Term 2 Highlights

Term 2 has been a roller coaster experience fulled with loads of highlights. This terms topic was bigger,better,stronger and faster. So far we have learnt lots about famous inventors like Albert Einstein .

I really enjoyed Taoga time with Mrs Nua our topic was based on japan. Another cool thing about term 2 was sport, our 15 man rugby team took out the Eastern rugby tournament tomorrow we a going to the Auckland champs I can tell that it’s going to be a big competition.

The highlight that I liked out of all was the “I am making movie 2” competition our school entered 2 movies and we both were finalist. Sadly we just got nominated but did’nt win our girls won best creative movie and supreme winner.

Term 2 has been an awesome journey now i need new goals. I'm looking forward to term 3 and what new things we a going to learn.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tech at tamaki

It was Monday morning, and our last day of tech. I got to school and saw everybody lined up and ready to walk over to Tamaki College.

We leave school at 8:30am every Monday and arrive there at 9 from then we get split up into our 5 groups. Our teacher is called Mr Malhotra, he is an awesome teacher and funny. He takes electronics and this term we were in his class. I had finished my project a few weeks ago so this week I just needed to create a poster that showed the dangers of electricity. There are different kinds of dangers like leaving electrical appliances on and they catch fire.

I really enjoyed being in electronics! It has been a great experience learning about batteries,wires and all types of things operated by electricty.