Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to Point England

This is a short movie of different things that kids do around our School. There also parts of the Point England on how we should act during school like being courteous,respectful and honoured. The Point England way helps us to be better people in the future. The starting of my movie is the new intermediate classes.

Hope you Enjoy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC

I woke up very early, double checking my bags making sure I had everything I needed. It was day one of our yearly 3 day camp. I made breakfast, did my hair and raced out the door way. I got to school and I could see that everyone was just as excited about camp as I was. Before we could get into action, Mr Burt gathered us all in the hall and blessed the day.

There were 6 groups called the Motivatorz, Participatorz, Respectablez, Carerz, Responsiblez and the Thinkerz. My group was called the Responsiblez.

My first group activity was to practice our item. We had to do an MTV, performance and stand out performance with four to three people for concert night. Our first task was to make an MTV video (we had to film it). Next was our group item. That was a bit hard for our group because we had no ideas, but then the girls came up with an idea.

One of my highlights for Camp TC was Rock Up. On Tuesday morning we were split up into 15 groups. The reason why we were split up was because we needed to learn how to work together. The name of my group was Eastside Soliders and there 8 people in my group. We were each given a timetable and our first activity was Alligator Alley. There were three tires and two walking planks. The aim of the game was to try to get over to the other side without talking and falling off, also the plank was not allowed to touch the ground. Now that was challenging. Even though my group wasn’t cooperating we still tried our best and won.

My other highlights was dinner at camp. The hangi was definately a highlight. Some of the other things I really enjoyed was the camp concert, Swimarama and hanging out with my friends.

Friday, March 11, 2011

How to put up a 3 man tent

When the tent is put up(pitched)you will be ready to put your gear in. Then people can use it to sleep in.

Step1: Make sure you have everything you need,you should have a list of the equipment to build your tent.
Step2: Begin to unpack all the equipment (separate them)
Step3:lay out the tent base then begin to peg the sides.
Step4:Connect all the poles together then clip them through the holes.
Step5: Once the clipping is finished tie the string that is on top of your tent to the poles.
Step6: Place your cover on top of the tent then peg that down using a hammer.
Step7:Last but not least zip the tent up to keep out mosquito .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Softball "East champions"!!!!

We had an softball tournament down at tamaki intermediate. I was very nervous on what teams we were going to vs because it was my first time at a softball tournament.

Our first games was about to start my stomach felt like butterfly's were in them, but i knew i could do this. The school first up was st Thomas we were looking at the size of them and they were small kids sadly we one that game i thought we were bully's.

We won all our games except one, but we made it to the Grand final . The team that we were playing against was Churchchill Park it was a hardcore game I was in the batters box looking at how their team was pitching my friend Nathaniel did a mega hit but sadly got caught out now it was my turn to swing that bat. I put both my arms up high and watch the ball carefully. The ball had been pitched I took a look at it and I was’nt meant to hit it but I did. Strike one I took another swing BOOM!! that went high but i got out.

Anyway we won that game and now we a of to the champions of champions next week.

Thanks to this website for this photo.