Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The dusky sound earthquake

Me and my very intelligent class had a video conference with a very special New Zealand geologist - Hamish Campbell. He talked to us about the earthquake that made new Zealand move 30 centimeters closer to Australia. We talked to him about how earthquakes occurs.
What I had found out was that this was the biggest earthquake that had happened in about 80 years wow you imagine that. Also there was an earthquake in china Tangshan that lasted 15 seconds and it killed 242,00 and many others were injured It happened in 1976. Now on this photo we tyred to make a seismometer it measures how violent a earthquake is. Seismometers are really  used were geologist know were the earthquake might hit.It would be hard  for a  earthquake to hit Auckland. 

If you want to make a seismometer click on this website