Friday, August 20, 2010

Watching Karate kid

I awoke from my dream excited, during the school holidays I went to watch the movie karate kid. so we drove in our van as I wounded what karate kid was about. I heard this movie was remade from the old Karate kid.

We had arrived at
hoyts cinemas, Intill we found out we were 30 minutes early. I guess that gave us time to play on the gaming machines. we bought all our snacks and payed our tickits, in we went. Watching the movie and the amount of sound projected into our ears.

I like the actors on karate kid because their face really stood out to who they are. The main actors I like were Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Zhenwei Wang,Wenwen han. It was nearly the end of the movie but I wanted to watch Jaden smith vs Zhenwei wang it was a very close fight but Jaden smith had to win. The Movie was fineshed and we exitout of the cinema thinking out lound what a wounderful day I have had.

It will be great if you get the chance to watch this movie.