Thursday, May 12, 2011

David Tua

David Tua Profile: David”The Tuaminator” Is currently a professional Samoan boxer. He was born in samoa 27 november 1972 , His hieght is 1.78 Metres,He currently weights 107 kg. His first win was in 1992 against ron humus by knock out. He lives in south auckland.Tua won the 1988 New Zealand Amateur Heavyweight championship, then in a series of fights became internationally respected for his devastating left hook.His lastest fight was against demetrice king and he won by points scoring.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Zinger pinger is the best pet in the world because he is a pro boxer he knock out Brock Lesner for the UFC heavy wight championship belt. He is currently training to have a fight with tiny at the east coast arena. He has three close friends there names a Tiny, Hitler and Thunder. He also has a job which is looking after the gym (house) that’s why he’s so buff. The name of his island is called Dougie Town.

Name: Velocidad (speed)
country:Spain, Samoan,
Hobbies: Training ,Sleep, jerken
Fighting style: boxing, luchador, kick boxen, rare taekwondo
Clothes: Cut jeans, Nike shoes, no t-shirt, adidas bag, Boxing gloves,
Food: Thunders Fast food
Current titles:UFC heavy weight championship, won 30 loss 0 30 KO