Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly sports

Squishy, muddy, sweaty, screaming. Those were my thoughts from yesterday. Silly sports! Who would of thought of that?

There were 4 sports that we could do. Each class was given 1 activity to do. We would play thats sport and when we had finished that sport, we would rotate on to the next one. Our first sport was with our own lovely teacher Mrs Lagitupu.

When we were with Mrs Lagitupu, she split us up into 4 teams. One team got a ball and the aim of the game was to try and tag a person with the ball without running with it. In this game you needed to be able to catch and communicate very well with your team mates.

Another 1 of the 4 activities we did were with Mrs Nua. Her game was a bit of a classic squeezing sponge, muddy puddles, laughing and co-operating sort of game. It was the right game for this kind of day because it was so hot !

The best of them all though was Mr Harris’s 3 legged raced !Trying to walk with my leg tied to my friend while balancing a tennis ball on a spoon. It was so much fun ! The best way I could think of winning was chanting the old rhythm, “left right left.” Luckily for my partner and I, we won !! Now we’re in the finals.

It was a very enjoyable fun and also a great experience. I was happy to see everybody laughing. What an epic day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Life caravan

During term 3 we have had three sessions so far,Lyn was our teacher through out these sessions. What we were learning about was puberty and things that evolve around that. I have enjoyed learning about bad things that people put into there body's and the dangers around New Zealand on drugs.

Cross country

A 3.5 km run I thought to myself. Am I really prepared to do this? It was one day before our annual school cross country event when the teacher came in to show us the map that showed where we were going to be running. I hadn't run in a long time so this was time to test my fitness levels.

I was waiting with the Year 8 boys sitting down, wondering if we should jog or not. I thought about jogging but that would've taken quite a long time to catch up to whoever was in the front. On the track there was mud, rocks, puddles and steps.

I was half way through the track huffing and puffing, my lungs were exhausted. I thought my legs were going to break. Tanielu and I were going at the same paste until I just could'nt take it so I had to walk.

Wow I was very surprised I came 9th overall ! Wow I was very surprised

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kung fu part 2

In the holidays my family and I went to Sylvia Park to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. We were meant to go and watch Cars 2 but sadly it was sold out. The movie was going to start in 30 minutes. In that time we went to the grocery store to buy treats because it is cheaper.

Finally we had got all the treats and headed back to the cinema. I was looking forward to seeing what kind of adventure Pou (panda) was going to have. Jack black is a very entertaining actor and also really funny. Kung Fu Panda part 1 was kind of funny but this one looked hilarious.

The main character (Pou) was searching for inner peace. He was trying to search for his parents. When he was a baby he was abandoned and brought up by Mr Ping (goose). He discovered that his parents were attacked and killed when he was a baby.

My favorite part of the movie was when he fought against lord Shen who was trying to take over china. I thought lord Shen was going to win easily because Pou is such a clumsy panda, but maybe I thought wrong,massivie firey mateal balls were getting shot at Pou. What he done was found inner peace and slowley swifted the balls back at all Mr shen army.

Over all I thought this movie was really funny. My vote was probably 9 out of 10 stars.