Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The baby is as small as a set of 20 fleas
The baby is as cute as twin baby's.
The baby is as fat as a Burger

The monkey is as hairy as raven
The monkey is as cheeky as a 5year old
The monkey is as crazy as a rock star

The car is as shiny as polished silver.
The car is as new as a phone
The car is as rusty as a tree

As brave as sonny bill
As brave as maa nonu
As brave as super man

As soft as a baby's butt
As soft as purex tissues
As soft as chubby cheeks

As happy as happy feet
As happy as a girl going shopping.
As happy as the 7s team

As loud as Jason durulo
As loud as nat
As loud as a trumpet

as warm as a southern beautiful topical breeze
as warm as New Zealand
as warm as fur

As large as you Ming
As large as fou fou mui mui
As large as the sky tower

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  1. MITCHEL MICHELLE EGGINS PICKERINGSeptember 22, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    I really love your storie.
    Your blog is always interesting and it wants to make me read more.
    Everything that you have posted on your blog, is amazing and people that haven't read your posts, are missing out on a really good blog.